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Prayer for the Day:
Friday Dying


I am poured out like water, gently

flowing over the cusp

of something.

Sometimes a surge,

sometimes a drip, drip, hesitant drip

of life force.

Not slipping away but flowing



Not rising up, but taking the humble,

river-like route,

streaming away,


There is no head of steam,

no pressure from within,

no tension, energy or effort.

There is no need to push.

No need to reach


I give myself downwards, as stream gives

to river, as river to sea.

Let me not pollute thy vastness

with my solid, insoluble stuff. No, let me

disperse in thy

forgiving wholeness.

Let me be free

in thy great


Stephen Cherry

(taken from Barefoot Prayers, published by SPCK)

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Pentecost Resource 2014
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