Prayers for the Church Year


Mothering Sunday


God, whose brooding Spirit brings life to birth
and in Christ restores us to new life,
bless all mothers as they care for their families.
Feed them as they nourish and sustain;
strengthen them as they protect and shelter;
embrace them as they love and cherish,
that children may grow on secure foundations
and all may flourish to your honour and glory. Amen.

Ian Black, Prayers for all Occasions 


God our heavenly Father, Lord of peace, God of love, we pray you guide all children who have lost their parents and are living in hard times. Lead them in everything they do, send you love into the hearts of those caring for them. Let this group know your love for them and they will praise you.

Penina Tito Bazia, Sudan, Prayers Encircling the World.


'As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.' 
 Isaiah 66:13


For Mary, Mother of Jesus, we give you thanks and praise, O Lord.
We thank you for her example of trust in you, and for h er obedience to your will. 
We praise you, O Lord, for her spirit of acceptance, and for her care and love for the child of Bethlehem.

Church Army, England. Prayers Encircling the World.  


Eternal God, you are constant with your people. Like a mother you draw all your children to your heart ... Guide us in the ways of truth that we may rejoice in your bountiful goodness.

God our Father and Mother, you allow us to share in your creative purpose. Sustain and keep all parents and children that through the love that is shared our lives may be blessed ... Be with all for whom this day brings pain and regret to the fore. Transform us through your brooding grace.

God our succour and protector, in times of plenty and need, you cradle our life in your hands. We entrust to your care all in any kind of need ... Encircle them with your love and keep them ever within your tender mercy.

Ian Black, Intercessions for years A, B and C